The Renaissance of  Sharing & Coliving

The Urban Tree Village is designed to bring people together  for sharing space, skills, resources and dreams with other inspiring and creative people for living a life on purpose.

In a world where our lives are increasingly dominated by digital devices and online social networking, never before has there been a greater need for authentic human connection. We do not think of ourselves as a social project developer, rather we are in the business of human experience – curating communities and spaces that enable a lifestyle rich with purpose and connection.

We see Coliving as a platform for your life and believe community living is not compatible with a one-size-fits-all approach. We take care to curate beautiful spaces with thoughtful design and envision housing that honors the needs of individuals, while also optimizing for our fundamental need for community and social interaction.

For becoming your best self by being part of something bigger.


Sustainable Living

Shared & Co-Living prioritizes sustainable living while placing an equal value on privacy. 

We aim to attract multi generational population: young professionals and retirees, single people and families, entrepreneurs and artists.

The ultimate goal is to help communities thrive so that,  “you have a community to back you up—not only a stable living environment, but a group of people who support you in your personal growth, goals, business or career and in your life.”


Sharing knowledge and experience

A place where old and young, starting and non-starting people live together.
Sharing such resources is one of the biggest benefits of Shared living ! 
We want to inspire and support each other and get to know our neighbors and connect lives.


Co-working next to your home 

The nature of work is changing; work, personal and social lives are no longer separate. We build our workspaces to make the perfect environment for the creators to turn their ideas into reality.

Our aim is to help every person that enters our space succeed, by providing the space, services, community and support needed to let them focus on the work they love. Our buildings provide the dynamic, collaborative environments where people, ideas and ambitions come together to create something amazing.

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