Cultivate energy-saving habits !

The Urban Tree building is a prime example of green living and will set a new sustainability standard for building practices. 


Low Footprint

Besides its green exterior, which helps insulate the building, the resident is equipped with numerous sustainable features. Under the lush greenery, the interior and exterior walls are made of eco-friendly cellular lightweight concrete blocks that offer optimal insulation from extreme heat and cold as well as sound.

The building also uses high-efficiency hot water boilers, low-flow plumbing fixtures, and energy-efficient lighting to reduce energy usage. Future residents will not only be able to enjoy the amazing greenery and stunning views of the location, but will also enjoy the benefits of green living such as low utility bills.


The Sun Solution

The power of the sun is optimally utilized. The glass facade ensures that daylight can be benefited from as long as possible, without the heat of the sun influencing the temperature inside.

The Urban Tree is equipped with super efficient solar panels, keeping the heat out and the radiation absorbed when it’s at its strongest.  More than enough energy for the heating/cooling installation, all laptops and smartphones in the building and all the electric powered vehicles, used by the residents.


Aquifer thermal energy storage

The heating and cooling of  The Urban Tree is regulated in a sustainable way.

By two groundwater sources : one for cold water and one for warm water. These so-called aquifer thermal energy storage pumps, depending on the inner and outer climate, pump warm or cold water in to or out of the building. The installation pumps are driven by self-generated solar power. As such, The Urban Tree cleverly and optimally uses all sustainable possibilities.


Intelligent use of rainwate

Water is a finite resource;  a major opportunity to start thinking differently about the future of designing with water and the opportunities water reuse in the projects we design and build.

65% water savings can been achieved through a dual strategy of incorporating water conserving plumbing together with a rainwater collection system for the Urban garden.